Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams, Depression, And Harmful "Therapies"

On Robin Williams, the guy had been fighting with depression for decades. Depression is in epidemic proportions in this country - has been, and been escalating for at least 30 years. While there are many contributing factors to depression, the point I want to make here is that I've experienced first hand, this "Mindfulness" and "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy" nonsense. This stuff is dangerous. Every part of this harmful school of thought is based on suppressing emotion - and it's my belief that the WORST thing a person can do is suppress emotion. That's not to be confused with having a conniption every time something happens that you don't like. I'm saying that these Pop Psychology gurus will tell you to hide from and deny anything emotional - that you must only acknowledge the "Positive", and ignore and deny the non positive. Even when you try to tell them your experiences - the things that you believe are causing or contributing to your depression - they will cut you off, citing, "Those statements are not helpful". What a bunch of crap. It makes a hell of a lot more sense to get the things out in front of the person, as well as the professional, so the depressed person can be guided on how to DEAL WITH his problems. If the patient is allowed to air his thoughts, beliefs, and gripes, the professional should be able to have a good idea on what the underlying problems are. This goes for depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and other mental and emotional disorders. My guess is that Robin Williams had the best mental health care available to the human race - and look what good it did him. What so many people are not aware of is that depression and suicide are rampant - we only heard about Robin's death because he is a celebrity - we don't hear about the countless everyday people who are losing their families, their livelihoods, and yes, their lives. It sickens me that these so called "Professionals" who indoctrinate us with these horrible ideas are making billions of dollars a year - while making the current mental health problem in this country exponentially worse. I'll take this a step further and say that we should learn the basics of life, society, what to realistically expect when you get out into the real world - we should learn this stuff in school - it could replace some of the stupid, inane, and useless B.S. that they've been forcing on students for decades. We're all told that we can do anything we want, that we are totally and absolutely responsible for what happens to us, and for what our life will be like - and that, as most of us have learned, is a big, fat lie; it sets us up for perceived failure, depression, and subsequently all the common brain numbing devices. So, for anybody who has experienced, or is experiencing depression, please do your best to find help from the school of thought that is based in finding the root of the problems, not denying and hiding from them. And, at the first sign of "Mindfulness", or "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy", run screaming - I promise you'll be much better off.

To Robin Williams, my hat's off to you for all you did for us, and I'll also say that I so much wish I could have helped you in some way. Rest in peace.

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