Monday, August 13, 2012

Nice Town, But The Same Pathetic Little Men

Being here in this new town for a month, I have run into, as expected, still more pathetic little men who would like to be musicians.  Out of the five who have replied to my ads, all five made the effort to inform me of all their so called "accomplishements", as well as their many self proclaimed titles, and have said things like, "We pretty much do all the gigs that call for Hawaiian music".  One guys began his reply with, "I am a master guitar player" - he had never played Hawaiian music before, but since he was a "Master", I guess he thought I would bow down to him.  Still another said he was always looking for new projects, more work, and said, "If I can help at all, please let me know".  Well, as with all prospective players and dancers, I send links to my videos - just me playing acoustic versions of Hawaiian songs - and I'll be damned if they don't immediately come at me with their aggression, their marking their territory, proclaiming their accomplishments, and this one guy gave me, "I wish you the best, welcome to Reno, good luck".  When I asked him straight out if he was no longer interested in working with me, he gave me more vague replies.  Poor, pathetic little pissants.

On the dancer front, I had one who sounded very interested and enthusiastic at first, I replied with my usual non presumptuous email, then never heard from her again.  I have another, who seems even more enthusiastic.  We emailed each other a few times, discussing what songs we know, what the shows will contain, and now haven't heard from her all day today, after writing her last night.

I'm not discouraged yet, I've only been here a month, as with anything else, these things take time.  I am, though, a little disgusted with the usual tiny little men and their stupid games.  I continue to look for songs for my bluegrass/folk album, and I'll probably start composing and recording some Hawaiian instrumentals before too long - to present to one of the music libraries that is brokering my songs.

In the meantime, I like this town a lot.  When it starts to cool off a little, I plan to go look for snakes to take pictures of.  Some people think that's crazy, but I don't.  I respect them, but I don't fear them, and I think they know that.

So, the battle continues...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bluegrass & Folk

While I look for players and dancers to do the Hawaiian shows, I am also looking for songs to record for my Bluegrass/Folk album - I finally put the ads out, now that I'm somewhat settled here.  I'm about 99% sure that such a collection will do very well in the College Radio circuit.  I might have to change my banjo style.  I've played straight ahead bluegrass all this time, but I think to have a folky touch to it, I'll maybe have to get rid of the picks.  This would work out great, anyway, because over the past 2 years or so, playing with the picks on has been horrid.  I've had a couple of people interested in sending songs, but so far I don't have anything solid.  It's fine, I don't expect it to happen in the first week - as with anything else, it'll take some time.

I plan to do a few protest songs, social commentary, that kind of thing.  Not going after love songs of any kind on this one.  I'll also be using non conventional percussion instruments, which has been a lot of fun on my TV & Ad project.

In between music projects, and when it starts to cool off around here, I hope to make it to the hills, so I can play with some snakes, maybe bears, big cats, and get lots of pictures.  So far, I see little rabbits all over the place at night - they come out to eat, and I love watching them.

Had a close call last week, but things seem to be ok, at least for now, and so far, I like this town a lot.

Back To My Roots

After being in this new town for about three weeks, it's time to put my Hawaiian show together again.  Still can't say exactly where I am because of stalkers, and because there are a few people (mostly so called family) who would love to see me totally destroyed, and I don't need them making phone calls - had more than my share of that cowardly, pathetic B.S. in Portland, and I damn sure don't need it here.

I have ads out looking for guys or girls to play Hawaiian music, and for hula dancers.  Funny, some people just don't get it, my ads specifically say, "Hawaiian Music", and, "Hula Dancers", and I've been getting replies from people who think they can learn the music in a week.  Also got one from a girl "Fire Juggler" - whatever that is.  I guess it'll take a few weeks for the Hawaiian folk to read the ads and hopefully get back to me.  I have a guy who has asked me to put the Hawaiian show together, he says he has the connections to book the show in Casinos, so I guess we'll see.  If he doesn't come through, it's no big deal, I'll have my other ads out to do company parties, luaus, and other such events like I did in Austin a couple years ago.  One thing for sure, there are a lot more opportunities here than there were in that craphole of a city they call Portland.  I have, though, run into a couple of musicians here who have the typical fragile, pathetic ego.  These guys are amazing, shameless, and delusional, and the business is full of 'em, always has been.

I know things are different now, the economy being what it is, but I'm doing it anyway.  So, if I can find a few locals who can do the music and dance, I'll be in business.

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