Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back To My Roots

After being in this new town for about three weeks, it's time to put my Hawaiian show together again.  Still can't say exactly where I am because of stalkers, and because there are a few people (mostly so called family) who would love to see me totally destroyed, and I don't need them making phone calls - had more than my share of that cowardly, pathetic B.S. in Portland, and I damn sure don't need it here.

I have ads out looking for guys or girls to play Hawaiian music, and for hula dancers.  Funny, some people just don't get it, my ads specifically say, "Hawaiian Music", and, "Hula Dancers", and I've been getting replies from people who think they can learn the music in a week.  Also got one from a girl "Fire Juggler" - whatever that is.  I guess it'll take a few weeks for the Hawaiian folk to read the ads and hopefully get back to me.  I have a guy who has asked me to put the Hawaiian show together, he says he has the connections to book the show in Casinos, so I guess we'll see.  If he doesn't come through, it's no big deal, I'll have my other ads out to do company parties, luaus, and other such events like I did in Austin a couple years ago.  One thing for sure, there are a lot more opportunities here than there were in that craphole of a city they call Portland.  I have, though, run into a couple of musicians here who have the typical fragile, pathetic ego.  These guys are amazing, shameless, and delusional, and the business is full of 'em, always has been.

I know things are different now, the economy being what it is, but I'm doing it anyway.  So, if I can find a few locals who can do the music and dance, I'll be in business.

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