Friday, November 9, 2012

A Good Lesson From A Dimwit

Most of the time I learn from people who are smarter than me (that’s “I” for the grammarians and smartasses), or, better than me in some way. But, there have been a few times where I’ve learned from the stupid, the inept, even the cowardly. Today I learned something from a person who I have absolutely no respect for – that would be Rush Limbaugh. He has made a ton of money belittling anybody he doesn’t agree with, or approve of. Lately he has been mocking and ridiculing Barack Obama – making mud out of the fact that he (Obama) went to an Ivy League school. Well, our current president graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School. Among many other things, he worked as a civil rights attorney in Chicago and taught constitutional law at the University Of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. As we all know, he is now the President Of The United States. Well, Rush, coming from a family of lawyers, dropped out of Southeast Missouri State College after two semesters, and according to his mother, “Flunked out of everything”. To his credit, he only wanted to do radio, and went after that, not selling out to society’s pressures. Where he loses me is that he had it all – money, family, support, and now, as I said, mocks and belittles anybody who does not think as he does, mocking and ridiculing their achievements.

The lesson I just learned from Mr. Limbaugh is, to go after what I want – not what society wants – not even taking into consideration their need to talk down their nose at me, call me names, etc., and don’t waste time wringing hands over any obstacles that may or may not be in front of me. The lesson did, though, come inversely, seeing the way he ridicules others for their achievements. That being said, I have heard him on occasion, go after slackers and shit stirrers, but for the most part, he has made a damn good living going after people who have legitimately achieved what they set out to. One big difference between Rush and me is that I’ve had to fight for every morsel of life, and every speck of material (self) support I ever had, with no support outside of what I did for me. At this late time in my life, though, I am getting support from a person who does appear to want to see me achieve what I want to achieve, so thanks for that, Darlene. I’ve decided to take one last shot at the next level of the music business. Rush’s envy and ridiculing is what has validated and solidified my decision to take my shot. Being the person I am, not caring what society thinks or says, once I decided to do music, it’s what I’ve done since 1980. I think that doing something you hate is a waste of life, as is doing something because society expects it, or demands it, or ridicules you if you don’t do what is “acceptable”. There have been times when I wanted to hang it all up, get out of music, but other than a couple of brief periods, I did music, and nothing but music. Besides loving the actual music part, I seem to have always had some deep seeded need to expose B.S. for what it is – especially in the music business. So, we head off to Nashville as soon as becomes possible – mostly weather related. To top it all off, if I’m not able to break through the country music dynasty that has been carefully built and protected, I’ll be ok with it, because I’ll know that I did everything I was capable of. FTR, it’s never me that I doubt, it’s always the ruthless tactics of those in positions of power – and the fact is, they are much more powerful than I ever hope to be. I’ll fight tooth and nail, just saying it might not be enough.

So, Rush, thank you, even though I know it’s never your intention to help, your shameless envy for those who have achieved something in their life has motivated me to take one last shot at what I believe I’m here to do.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why Wait?

Me with my beautiful koa Telecaster

My authentic toere - made by a real live Tahitian guy

Well, it looks like we'll be heading to Nashville much sooner than planned.  It's likely we'll be heading out by the end of this month.  I have no illusions, no stars in my eyes, only the will to go there and dive in, play as much as possible.  Being that there is no financial pressure, we can afford to stay there as long as we feel like being there.  We're not rich, but we won't be living on the street anytime soon - and yes, I know that causes some people to foam at the mouth.

Circumstances have been pointing me in the direction of going after bigger things for years, but I wasn't in the right frame of mind before now, and I didn't have any support. I can't do everything all by myself, now I have help, so...

I like Reno, I like the clear skies, I love the small town feel, and I love that there are a lot fewer angries here, but as I said, if I'm going to exchange blows with people in the business, and other musicians, I might as well be somewhere where the rewards are worth it

Things slow down in Nashville during the winter months - as it does in most places, so it's likely the places will be more intimate - might be easier to talk to people, meet people.  The plan is to not only go to songwriters' nights, but to also play behind other artists and songwriters.  Playing lead guitar or other instruments behind artists is fun and even exciting for me - always has been.  Jam sessions are a thing of the past, but where I'm going, there are open stages all over that town.  Yes, I fully expect to be unwelcome, kicked, gouged, lied to, screwed with, and whatever else, but I'm sure I'll land a few good right hooks of my own :D .

So, hey, my stalkers, haters, detractors, vindictive asses - y'all go suck an egg.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Vindictive

Parts of some people's personality rears its ugly head once again.  Vindictiveness might win a few battles, but never wins the war.  I hope your new savior saves your ass, but keep in mind, I've seen you point fingers at others (including me) - telling them to take responsiblity for their own mistakes, while you do everything possible to avoid taking responsiblity for YOUR crap.  Self responsiblity is an all way street - I know how much you hate hearing that, but well, eat it with a spoon, and don't come whining to me when you choke on it all.  And yes, you know who you are.

I sleep very well, you do not, I like my own company, you do not, and my conscience is and has always been clear, while yours will never be.  I often wonder how lying, pathetic people live with themselves - I guess that's one thing I'll never know - and I'm just fine with that.

P.S.  Don't bother contacting me ever again, I do much better without people like you causing me grief.