Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bluegrass & Folk

While I look for players and dancers to do the Hawaiian shows, I am also looking for songs to record for my Bluegrass/Folk album - I finally put the ads out, now that I'm somewhat settled here.  I'm about 99% sure that such a collection will do very well in the College Radio circuit.  I might have to change my banjo style.  I've played straight ahead bluegrass all this time, but I think to have a folky touch to it, I'll maybe have to get rid of the picks.  This would work out great, anyway, because over the past 2 years or so, playing with the picks on has been horrid.  I've had a couple of people interested in sending songs, but so far I don't have anything solid.  It's fine, I don't expect it to happen in the first week - as with anything else, it'll take some time.

I plan to do a few protest songs, social commentary, that kind of thing.  Not going after love songs of any kind on this one.  I'll also be using non conventional percussion instruments, which has been a lot of fun on my TV & Ad project.

In between music projects, and when it starts to cool off around here, I hope to make it to the hills, so I can play with some snakes, maybe bears, big cats, and get lots of pictures.  So far, I see little rabbits all over the place at night - they come out to eat, and I love watching them.

Had a close call last week, but things seem to be ok, at least for now, and so far, I like this town a lot.

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