Saturday, August 2, 2014

If You Are Afraid Of It, Then You Must Kill It...

We have been conditioned to be a nation, more likely a world, of wimps.  We’ve all seen what people do when they’re afraid of something.  Those who are afraid of gay people will mock, ridicule, bully, scoff at, ignore, and even murder them.  Same goes for different races, different religious or political beliefs – one group will always try to belittle and/or shut down anyone or anything they do not understand, and that they are afraid of.  Well, I’ve been seeing this one become worse with every day that goes by – those who are not afraid of the truth – they will get it from all sides, and they will be on the receiving end of every cheap, cowardly tactic known to the human race.
When I was in the fourth grade, for whatever reason, I started to see the world as it was, and not as I wanted it to be.  I saw the wrongdoings of teachers and other faculty members, of other students, and even of people in positions of power.  I would sometimes state my disdain for such people, and let me tell you, the bullying would ensue – teachers who would use their position to shut me up, they ridiculed me, they mocked me.  Lucky for me, being a little kid, I didn’t do this very often.  As I got older, into intermediate (these days known as “Middle School”) and high school, it got worse.  If I dared to point out an unfairness – especially if it was being committed by a person of power – whether it be a teacher, staff member, or other society official, holy hell, the wrath of Khan would rain down on me.  Has anyone ever noticed what happens when a kid, or even an adult for that matter, stands up to a bully?  The first thing that happens is that some person of authority, a teacher, a cop, a store manager, a lawyer, a judge, will wag his finger in anger and disgust – AT THE PERSON WHO JUST STOPPED A BULLY.  Their justification being, “It doesn’t matter who starts it!!!”, and/or, “YOU CANNOT TAKE THE LAW INTO YOUR OWN HANDS!!!”.  Well, sir and madam, it DOES matter who starts it, and the law has not a damn thing to do with what’s right or wrong.  Yes, some of the bystanders might cheer you on, mostly somewhat secretly, but when being watched, they will scoff at the reluctant warrior.
Today we have government officials who are as dirty as they come, cops, judges, large corporation ownership and upper management – all committing crimes beyond belief – and all doing so “within the law”.  We watch TV, we listen to the radio, we read publications, and it’s always the same, cheap attempts at muzzling any person who would dare to stand up against the wrongdoings of other humans – especially those in power.  We are fed cliches such as, “We must be positive”, “Do not focus on the bad”, “Be thankful for this or that”, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all”, and other such nonsense.  This stuff has been hammered into our brains so hard and for so long that we instinctively believe it, and we even support it with an iron fist.  Any of you who are on Facebook, try posting something true, glaring, but less than pleasant, and you will be mocked, ridiculed, scoffed at, ignored, and otherwise belittled.  This is because of the simple fact that most people are afraid of the truth.  You can sometimes get away with it if you put in between some kind of humorous delivery, but for the most part, people will not like it, and they will let you know in one way or another – in either an aggressive or passive/aggressive way.
Great people have said that we must not ignore truth – ever how unpleasant and inconvenient it may be.  One quote that I see occasionally, “The worst thing a man can do in the face of evil is nothing”.  Another is “Few are the people who see with their own eyes, and feel with their own hearts”.  Then, look at all the great people who were exceptionally good at getting out the message of truth – people such as Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, even John Lennon – same, they are mocked, ridiculed, scoffed at, banned from the country, ignored, and eventually murdered.  Now, I don’t claim to be great – as these folks, but I do relate to them in the way that they were treated by people who were afraid of them.  Bill Cosby fairly recently said, when asked why he felt the need to talk about such “Negative” things, replied, “Because, the good things are doing a fine job of taking care of themselves”.
I was this skinny kid with the goofy smile – naïve as could be, it was said by more than a few of my teachers that I lacked self confidence, yet I was bullied by these same teachers for saying and doing things that they didn’t want to hear or see – again, very occasionally, but still...
When I was about 17, I hung out at a rec. center at the trailer park I lived in.  It wasn’t my place, I was staying with a friend and his parents.  I hung out at the trailer park rec. center, where an older guy, Dave, took a liking to me for some reason.  One of the things he said to me was, “You’re too damn honest for your own good”.  He meant that in a helpful and kind way, he wasn’t being derogatory by any means.  At the time, I had no idea what he was trying to tell me, and it took me well into my 40s before I knew what he meant, and boy, let me tell, you I sure know NOW what he meant.
We are witnessing the deterioration of the human race, we are watching people be murdered, and starved to death.  We are watching the greedy and the ruthless destroy humanity, and destroy the planet – all in the name of material profit.  We are watching the family be dismantled right in front of our very eyes.  The evil people who are perpetrating this stuff are laughing as they watch us all toiling, struggling, and dying – at the hands of them - the Rich and the Powerful.  We are watching it, while being muzzled, and we are letting them do it.  We all hide behind their clever cliches, and the useful idiots – who parrot such crap.  We have the Pop Psychology Crowd bullying us into believing that everything that everything that happens to us is our own fault, talking such nonsense as, “Only YOU are responsible for what happens in your life, for your destiny” to the extreme, in order that we do not hold the actual responsible parties responsible for their abominable behavior.
So, if you people want everyone to like you, then keep doing what you’re doing, watch Monday Night Football, drink Budweiser, and scoff at any person who dares to point out wrongdoings or injustices, hide behind all the clever cliches, go around Polly Want A Crackering the same B.S. that you hear on your favorite TV programs, or that you read in your favorite self help books.  Listen to those TV shows that try desperately to perpetuate the blatant lies that are unleashed on us all day, every day.  Don’t fight for what’s right, because nobody will like you, nobody will want to go to your house and watch the Ultimate Fighting Championships on your 300 inch HD TV.  That’s right, be a chicken shit all your life, and everyone will like you, and you will be safe.  Keep praying to that invisible guy up there in the clouds – to make everything good, because that has worked so well all throughout history.  Leave the being mocked, ridiculed, and bullied to those who have the backbone to handle it, because for god’s sake, Monday Night Football and Bud, and being liked by all is so much more fun, right?

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