Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Springtime In Hawaii - My Letter To Scott Dean Agency

Yes, I wrote this to Ted at the Scott Dean Booking Agency earlier today.  This was after seeing still another act that has no business being on a stage, much less in front of a microphone - and this was in an upscale room in a very nice casino.  Actually, the guy wasn't that bad, his guitar playing was decent, apparently new to singing, but the girl - she hit maybe half of the notes, she played her tambourine backwards at least half the time, and she looked petrified on the stage.  There was not an ounce of professional from either one of them.  Anyway, on agents, and management of venues, these ignorant dimwits around here do not return phone calls or emails, and most of the horrid acts they book in the casinos are enough to lose your lunch over.  So, below is what I wrote to Mr. Ted, I used the unrelated subject line and different colored fonts to hopefully wake his sorry ass up - for all the goddam good that will do:

Actually, it's fall in Reno, but you knew that.
So you'll put acts in the Terrace Lounge and other venues that will bore people out of their skulls, hit half the notes at best, desperately try to outdo a guy in the SAME BAND, and wear silly hats, while a seasoned guy with a crappy attitude (three guesses who I'm speaking of) can't even get through the door - ok, I've seen this before, nothing new to me. Thankfully, there are some whose objective is to make customers happy, and to do what a business is in place to do - make money. Thing is, if things were straight up (as they rarely are), nobody would ever need to be subjected to my crappy attitude. I'd much rather be nice and polite, but we all know the great rewards that brings Disappointed smile . All this being said, I'm fully aware of the fact that most people can't tell the difference between good entertainment, and horrid entertainment - which works well for those who live to get by, pretend, contrive, manipulate, and otherwise fool people.

FTR, I'm writing this, not to try to get into the Terrace Lounge, but to vent a little - to let somebody in a position of what gets on stage and what doesn't, see that B.S. in any form makes some people's skin crawl.

Kathy, if you're the one reading this, I can send it any way you'd like - Special Delivery, Morse Code, Signature Required, or Pony Express, whichever works best (this is supposed to be funny, so laugh). Ted needs to see this stuff.

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