Monday, November 10, 2014

It’s Gang Stalking After All...

I recently heard the term, “Gang Stalking”.  I’m not going to reiterate my life history here, but I will say that looking back, I have definitely been stalked, stifled, and screwed with for most of my life.  Here I was, all these years, thinking I was just some unlucky guy, thinking that, among other things, my “energy field” may have been moving in a different direction from most other people – resulting in the contempt I incite from so many people. Over the past three years, the stifling of my trying to work has escalated – to the point where I’ve been out of work for the most part of those three miserable years.  This town of Reno has been very easy for these cowardly lowlifes to control – to see to it that I cannot work.  The experience with the Guitar Bar at the Boomtown Casino was just way too obvious – there is no doubt anywhere in my mind that somebody got to Robyn – who books the entertainment there.  I’ve had similar experiences with all the other rooms that I could have potentially worked – every one without fail.  Last night, I found this website:  I went through a lot of information there – much of which I’ve lived to the letter.  The people who perpetrate this stuff have destroyed many, many lives – they’ve driven countless people to suicide, and they have no problem resorting to out and out murder when they see fit.  Their victims range from celebrities to nobodies.  They stalk them, they employ psychological torture – while they hide in the bushes, smirking and cackling as they watch their unsuspecting victim be tossed around like  a ragdoll – never knowing what the hell he’s up against.  They’ll hire people right there off the street – to show contempt, even mild violence – against the unsuspecting person these yellow bellied punks have such hatred for.  The way they decide who gets this treatment and who doesn’t includes – if you had the misfortune of being a neighbor of a police officer, firefighter, politician or other government official, and you get into some kind of disagreement – it is not uncommon that they will make a phone call and the harassment will begin.  Any effective political activist, or whistleblower – will inevitably be punished with endless harassment and psychological torture.  Said Psychological torture will include the kind of cheap, cowardly tactics that you see in movies.  An activist will likely be on the receiving end of this stuff for their entire life.  Again, many having been driven to suicide, while others have been murdered – their murder made to give the appearance of a suicide, and other times like an accident.

Me, I can see back to when I was eight years old, my perpetrators including my own step mother, baseball coaches, school teachers, high school basketball coaches, newspaper sports editors, music biz people all across the board, and perfect strangers at places I’ve worked, in the street, and in public places.  It’s normal to run into crappy behavior once in a while, but when it’s constant, it’s no natural order of things.  From what I read last night, if you think you’re on the receiving end of “Gang Stalking”, you very likely are.  I also read that the number of victims has gotten into the millions.  Yes, they have the manpower – with the help of everyday people who they know are sadistic by nature, and who would gladly perform some cowardly act for money.

Apparently, some sniveling, pathetic little coward, or group of cowards is afraid of me.  Possibly having something to do with my dad being a talk radio guy back in the 80s – a guy who exposed more than a few corrupt people, but who also was blacklisted in the whole state of Hawaii.  Add that to the relatively short three or four years I spent being somewhat active on the internet, and you have pathetic little men hiding in the bushes while they play their chicken shit game with me.  You know, the funny thing is, if they would have just backed off and let me live my life, I wouldn’t have done or said anything more, I was tired, I didn’t want the hassle of stalkers – which I endured for about a year back when I was active, and I was just damn tired of all the arguments, fights, threats, harassment, and whatever else, if they’d have just left well enough alone, I would have not said another word – no matter if I did end up with a platform to speak from.  But, the fact that they continue to play this cowardly game, I’m going for it – to try to get somewhere in this music business – somewhere that these sniveling little cowards can’t stop me, and should I end up with a platform to speak from, I will go after those yellow bellied little men with everything I have.  That’s right, you sniveling little bastards, I’m coming after you, should I ever find the means.  I might die trying, but that’s not going to slow me down, now that I know what I’m up against – what I’ve been up against for most of my life, and if you lowlifes put a bullet in my head, I won’t be sad about it – and you’ll know that you couldn’t keep me down – in spite of all the endless cowardly shit you did.  How’s THAT make you feeeeel?

That’s all for now, remember this face, ‘cause you’re gonna see it again.

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