Monday, November 24, 2014

Bill Cosby And Me…

No, we're not personal friends, in fact, I've never even met Bill Cosby.  This is me relating to a guy who has been on the receiving end of a lynching - at least as I see it.

As a guy (me) who has been on the receiving end of grossly false accusations, and slander, all of his life, I can completely relate to what Bill Cosby is experiencing.  First, of all his accusers that I’ve seen being interviewed, they all display something that looks all too familiar.  I have a half brother who has the worst case of compulsive/pathological lying I’ve ever seen.  I’ve seen four or five of Mr. Cosby’s accusers, and let me tell you, every one of them displays the same mannerisms and tactics that the lying, vindictive  ex-brother does.  It’s beyond obvious that somebody, a group of somebodies, a very powerful somebody or somebodies, wants real bad to take Bill Cosby down.  Such people are ruthless and cowardly.  Yes, I’m taking Mr. Cosby’s side on this one, because of my own experience with such people.  I don’t believe he raped, groped, or otherwise harassed anybody.  Here’s another thing to think about – a rapist is a rapist is a rapist, he doesn’t just rape a few, then magically stop – and all these women making these claims are saying this happened 20 and 30 years ago.  So, where are all the ones he has raped more recently?  The whole thing just reeks of envy, vindictiveness, and cowardice.
One of the things I’ve experienced in my own life is a thing known as “Gang Stalking”.  It’s usually a government agency or organization who perpetrates this stuff.  It can be incited by any number of reasons, but it’s real, let me tell you, it’s real.  Bill has been outspoken about a couple of things.  First, he has made it clear that he doesn’t approve of the ghetto attitude – pants hanging below the ass, walking like a chicken, ebonics, and any of the other related ghetto behavior.  He has also been trying to teach us to respect each other – and it has become common knowledge that the Powers That Be do not want us getting along – they need us to be in turmoil, to be fighting among ourselves so that we are distracted from the real problems, and who is really causing them.  If you look back at recent history, every time a person becomes just a little too effective at either exposing the real problems of the world, or gets us to think about respecting each other – to think about ridding ourselves of the differences foisted onto us by said ruthless parasites, some crazed freak shows up and murders that person.  Ghandi, Kennedy, King, Lennon, and many others – including many who we’ve never heard of – people who are effective on a somewhat smaller scale.  If you knew of all the mysterious deaths (aside from celebrities) of people who have been advocating investigations into certain occurrences, who have been blowing the whistle, and who have been effective at teaching people to toss away their entitlement attitudes, and their need to hold onto their nationalistic and racist beliefs, you wouldn’t be so quick to label the people who are trying to educate people as “Negative”, or as troublemakers, or “Whistle Blowers” with the negative connotation that our beloved government and media would have us believe. You might think about doing some research, instead of blindly believing everything you hear on TV or radio.  And, you gotta be careful of what you find on the internet – for obvious reasons.  Get all the information you can, on all sides of the subject, then make your assessment based on THAT, as opposed to forming your belief or opinion first, then cherry picking in order to support your preconceived idea.
So, Bill Cosby, I hope the whole thing gets exposed – to be fair, whatever the truth is, I hope it comes out, and that there is no doubt about what really happened.  All this being said, if he did do any of this, then he should pay, but from where I sit, he is about as guilty as a rock sitting at the bottom of the river bed.

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