Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Guess...

...time for still another change.  From frying pan into fire, what's next?  Cruise ships, maybe.  Sure would like to settle in one place for once in my life.  Did I already say how much I hate Portland?  Ok, I'll say it, I hate this angry town.  I loved Austin, always loved San Diego, liked Tucson, liked Florida, but Portland and most of its people - waste of space, air, and food.

On a slightly different subject...   fooled again.  Maybe someday I'll have my own life back, this depending on other people is horrid.  Is there such a thing as a person who will not B.S. me?  Something tells me not.

Tomorrow, park, banjo, hopefully a peaceful day, can't remember the last time I had a peaceful day, so many angry people.  I wish they would keep their anger in their own creepy little world, instead of invading mine.

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  1. As planned, I spent a couple hours with my banjo at the park today. It was great, fresh air, sunshine, peace, no intrusions, and I made progress on the banjo - I almost sound like a banjo player again - how 'bout that.