Friday, June 13, 2014

Western Society Has Perverted… Well, Most Things

Yes, Western Society has very well perverted so many things. It starts way up there at the top, where the Chosen Few, the greedy, the ruthless, the people who aspire to positions of power, so they can use that to cause grief and loss for other people.

Let’s look at the word, “Coward”, for starters. We are to believe that cowardice is defined by what a person is afraid of. Everyone is afraid of something, some of our fears are realistic, others are phobias. Our self preservation mechanism is designed to protect our safety and our life. An abused woman is afraid of leaving her abuser, for fear of more harm, or worse – does this make her a coward – I don’t think so. I small kid is afraid of a bigger kid – does this make him a coward – no, it doesn’t. A student is afraid to speak his mind against a teacher or professor, for fear of retaliation, either through school means, or in the case of a younger student, fear of the parent – coward? No, don’t think so. You’re driving, you’re taunted by some sniveling little dimwit in a BMW, you figure he’s got his lawyer on speed dial, you walk away – who is the coward here? You’re in a situation where a gun is pointed at your face, you do what you’re told, are you a coward, no, in fact, the coward is the one holding the gun, in all these situations, the coward is the one hiding behind his weapon of choice, in order to cause grief and/or loss for another person. I understand the etymology – tail between the legs and all that, but from where I sit, that applies much less to the extremely fearful person, and much more to the one holding the gun. Everyone knows that where a bully is concerned, as soon as the playing field becomes level, the gun toting punk will slink away – with his tail between his legs. This has caused much of the mental instability in this country. We are all told that we must handle every situation like Chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood, and Superman would. The fact is, if you, in the real world, do anything the way any one of those guys do, you would be in prison so fast, you wouldn’t even know what hit you – in fact, if any one of THEM did what they do on TV, they would also be in prison – well, maybe not, being that they have unlimited financial resources, not to mention their celebrity status. But you get the point. So, all the little American boys who watch Chuck Norris movies, who are told they must "Kick ass", and other such nonsense, when they don't handle a situation they way Hollywood and the media says they should, they feel violated, emasculated, and frustrated; and at some point, this causes the boy to want to wreak revenge, he gets a gun, builds a bomb, straps on a knife, and goes on a rampage - the kind of rampage that is so common these days.

Western society has also perverted any and all economic systems. Let’s take Capitalism. Capitalism is theoretically a good system, but as always, the Chosen Few, the ruthless, the vindictive, they exploit the system, and they exploit as many people as they possibly can – usually the masses. If all people would take what they need, and leave the rest alone, Capitalism would work just fine, but as we all know, it never works that way – there are always those greedy, self serving parasites who are never happy no matter how much they have – AND, they seem to get some kind of sick pleasure from the pain and suffering that they inflict on other people. How’ bout Socialism, I’d bet that that system could also work. It has never worked because again again, the greedy and the ruthless will throw a few crumbs to the masses, and gain total control over them. If every person was allowed to have, for the taking, what they need to live comfortably, Socialism would work just fine. From all I’ve read, our Native American Indian folk lived this way; add to that, they had a whole lot more respect for nature than the people who occupy this space today do. I understand that there are some tribal people in obscure countries who live by this, we don’t hear about them, for obvious reasons, but I understand they don’t have the murder rates that we have, and they don’t have the mental illness rates that are in epidemic proportions in this country.

These are but only two of the major things that Western Society, namely the ruthless parasites who are at the top of the food chain, have perverted and exploited for their own personal gain, and their own personal cheap satisfaction at the pain and suffering they cause for millions of people – people who are doing nothing but trying to live their little lives.

What makes such things even worse is the tendency for people in general to ignore what goes on around them. In their mind, it’s easier to simply accept the status quo, hide behind such idiotic cliches as, “Let’s all be positive and move forward”. These things fester, we continue to ignore it all, and our lives continue to get worse and worse. I challenge any person who lives in the real world to look me in the eye and tell me things are better, or even as good, as they were 30 years ago. You would think that with all our technology and so called “Progress”, that life would be exponentially better, well, it’s not, it’s much worse, people are angrier than they’ve been in my lifetime, people have much less money, they are glued to their electronic devices and controlled by them, and even spied on by them. We are being poisoned by the food industry and Big Pharmaceutical, and we are being sprayed with aluminum oxide by planes that do this right up there in plain sight. Our money is being literally stolen by Big Insurance, Big Oil, Big Retail, Big Fast Food, and we are all playing right into their hands. We are given cheap entertainment – which gets cheaper and more vulgar with every day that goes by. P.T. Barnum said it perfectly, “There’s one born every minute”.

There are many other societal and life issues that have been perverted and exploited by the Powers That Be – guns, morality, the mind, food, music, art, family values, business practices, social interaction, and many more, and as long as we sit by, ignoring and denying, hiding behind such horrid nonsense that is and continues to be perpetuated by our Pop Psychology Crowd – the “Professionals” who feed us B.S. in the form of “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy”, and “Mindfulness”, we will continue to spiral downward, until our once great country is completely destroyed. As we can all see, but many deny, jobs, the ability to start and maintain a true small business, families, and lives are being destroyed as we speak. In case some don’t know this, or we forgot, every empire in the history of the world has been destroyed by greed, lust for power, and sadistic tendencies that are so rampant among the Rich and the Powerful, and I don’t see this one being any different, or with any different result. How does that saying go, “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”.

I have no answers, but I do have suggestions. The only way to fight the Rich and the Powerful is to hit them in their pocketbook. So, while it may be difficult, support true small businesses, support those roving farmers' markets, barter whenever possible, grow your own food whenever possible, ride a bicycle whenever possible, and come up with your own ideas. Of course, we all live in the real world, and it is not possible to completely revert to old school ways, but if we all make a concerted effort, we can start with baby steps – and maybe begin to head in the direction of good, fair, kind, compassionate, and where the masses will benefit, instead of handing over everything we work for, including our freedom, to the Powers That Be.

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