Saturday, June 28, 2014

Boy Meets Girl...

Boy meets girl, boy charms girl, boy gets girl to move in with him.  Boy does a damn find job of hiding his angry disposition and resentful ways for the first year – while he is charming her.  She is an artist, she paints, sells her art when she can.  She actually did pretty well up until the Great Depression of 2010 reared its ugly eyebrows.  He supports her financially while she sells a painting occasionally.  She has no family or friends who she can turn to, she’s alone in the world – boy knows this and uses it to his full advantage.  Once she is within his control, he bosses her, snipes at her, controls her, controls the money, and has no problem using guilt and other cheap tactics to manipulate and bully her.  He is financially fairly well off, mostly by luck of the draw.  He is a couch dweller, and makes damn sure that his girl, who had been active all her life, is also confined to the living room in front of the television.  When boy wants to “Go out”, it is assumed that she goes with him, at which later time he will toss that in her face - as in "I take you places...".  He won’t stand up to anybody out in the world who gives him a hard time – never has, but has no problem bullying his prized possession – who, in his mind, is not a person, but merely a possession that is there for his pleasure, his well being, his comfort, and for him to beat up on whenever he feels the need.  When she does occasionally stand up for herself, or she dares to disagree, or god forbid, say anything that her master does not approve of, he does not hesitate to throw the usual accusations and threats her way, as in, “You ungrateful bitch”, and, “If you don’t like it here, then you can just get the fuck out!!!”, among other things.  She did manage to get away a couple of different times, but he made promises and whatever else, in order to get her back under his control.  Boy cannot understand why she avoids any bedroom time like a bad disease – as he turns her stomach and makes her skin crawl.  He also can’t figure out why she avoids conversation – being that whenever she does try to talk to him he snipes at her at the drop of a hat, and generally treats her as if she’s stupid and beneath him.  While he is financially comfortable, he complains about the price of everything, and he regularly lets her know how much he resents putting out money for her food, her phone, and the occasional art supply.  She generally doesn’t ask him for anything, being that she knows how he loves to throw anything and everything in her face when he flies into one of his childish conniptions.  She continues to look for ways to get her own life back, so she can free herself of this prison warden who has no regard for her, her feelings, or her anything.  If this isn’t abuse, I don’t know what is, and there are more people living this way than I would like to think about.  At last sighting, she looked much sadder than she did three years ago, even though she was never the most bubbly person I ever met.  I’m sure that at some point, likely before too long, she will find her way out one way or another.  I also always wondered why the nice girls always seem to end up with jerks like this.  Again, this scenario is all too common – especially in today’s economic environment – which by the way, she had nothing to do with creating.  I feel for her, as I do any and all of us who are in such a miserable living condition.

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