Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Compilation Of Some Of My Tweets

I miss the TV repairman, the appliance repairman, the seamstress, the vacuum cleaner repairman, the cobbler, the tailor, the local furniture maker, the local machine shop, the local car repair shop, local restaurants where you can get real home cooked meals, the local coffee shop, the mom & pop hardware store. Thanks to the fact that Capitalism has morphed into Monopolism, these true small businesses are gone forever in America as we know it. In their place are money mongering, blood thirsty parasites who have no problem screwing their customers as well as their workers. But, we must all be thankful, focus on the good, ignore the bad, so that we can all be good little American citizens, and an endless source of revenue for the rich and the ruthless.

Great philosophers have changed the world by influencing people with their words, yet there are still those who find it hip & cool to parrot such horseshit as "You cannot change what other people do". Does nobody see the gross stupidity in parroting without thinking? That's not to mention the damage done by taking this stuff outside of its full context. "There is no god who would allow your bullshit to be in his world". "There is no god". "Who would allow your bullshit to be in his world".  Context, context, context. Again I ask, what the hell do I know O_O ?
"You always look for the good in people, there, there's not much to find".
Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
Boy did he ever get THAT right.
Many shining spirits have been broken by vindictive mediocre minds. It's the way of the world. A shining spirit is not something you're born with, it's something you build. The small minded & the devoid of character will always see a shining spirit as a nuisance & a threat, & will seek to destroy it. Most people don't care to be a shining spirit, they would rather be small minded, mediocre, and vindictive.
Money is not the root of all evil, people are.
My cat has more fucking sense than you do. This goes for about 95% of the population.
The degree of your insomnia is directly proportional to your degree of dishonesty, & this includes denial, pretentiousness, & bullying.
Eh dumbasses, quit screwing with nature, it won't work out well for anybody, especially not you,
The Powers That Be would love to portray me as the sociopath, while they continue to destroy millions of lives. Funny how that works.
So autism is now an epidemic. Well, DUH. I believe the number of cases is directly proportional to the ever increasing amount of chemical SHIT that is put in our food. And autism ain't the half of it BTW, the TV show talking about this gave every reason except the glaring one.
Had to say this in my internet life AND my non internet life: Trying to "make it", getting your music heard by the masses, booking shows entering contests, making connections, getting people to listen - not like going to Pizza Hut & ordering a fuckin' pizza. It's honing your.. craft & abilities, hard work, taking risks, doing without lots of things, having the right attitude, putting up with endless bullshit... being belittled, mocked, ridiculed, and otherwise bullied, chasing all over the world to try to find the right place to be, and by far the worst part - LUCK, dreaded, horribly unfair, horribly biased towards the sneaky & the cowardly - goddam stinking LUCK. So, all of you who have names for me, who judge me, point fingers at me, bully me, belittle me, what do you do when the person on the receiving end of your... crap finally "makes it"? Oh yeah, you fucking pretend you were on his team supporting him the whole goddam time. FTR, throwing him a bone now & then does not entitle you to screw with him. Also also, this is not directed at any one person, I have a list ten miles long.
Never underestimate the fragility & desperation of the human ego.
Big difference between wearing your own shortcomings, and feeling bad about yourself. It's become apparent that most people don't know the difference.
You hipsters who think of cool to use British grammar, go suck an egg.  BTW it's not the Brits' fault, it's the pitiful American dimwits who are so desperate to be cool and hip. READ THIS:  The harder you try, the dumber you look.
Been out of work for a while, but so have lots of other people - from plumbers to lawyers - through no fault of their own.
Greed has destroyed every empire in the history of the world.  What the hell makes anybody think this one is any different?
Most people think that playing music as a job is a joke, that it's like sitting in my room playing with GI Joes.  It's not the same, people
According to statistics I've seen, there is not a single "Charity" that sends more than TWO PERCENT of the donations to the actual cause the starving and dying people, abused and abandoned animals. In all cases, some rich pieces of dirt are keeping all that money for themselves.
There are people who believe that if you feed a wild animal, that it won't be able to feed itself.  HUH? So, if we feed them once in a while, their genes just magically jump out of their bodies, and they no longer know how to get food?  Animals are injured and abandoned, rescued by humans, kept in captivity, fed, housed, and whatever else, for months, & even years, get back out into the wild and do just fine.  This is just more of the same - pretentious numbskulls who will Polly Want A Cracker anything they hear, without knowing what the hell they're talking about; no research, no facts, just spitting up any BS they hear so they can have the illusion that other people think they're smart.
National Security, my ass.  It's a nice hiding place for the rich and the ruthless, but it's 100% pure BULLSHIT.
When you cheat, and when you bully, you're doing nothing more than admitting that you are inferior to whoever or whatever is in front of you.  Jealousy, envy, gloating, bullying & cheating are all code for "I'm as sniveling and pathetic as any person could possibly be".
I have to wonder why nobody has done any real investigating on chemtrails. Those planes have to take off and land SOMEWHERE. Or, maybe some have, and they're swimming with the fishes.  I suspect the latter.
If I don't have certain abilities, or I'm not willing to work hard & get good at something, then neither should anybody else.  So, if I cross paths with any of you son of a bitches who do these things, I will do ANYTHING to take you down. Famous last words of the lazy, the inept, the stupid, & the vindictive.
There were some civilizations that didn't have money, prisons, thieves, or any government.  Nobody starved, nobody was allowed greed.  I vote to bring back that kind of community.  My guess is that there were a hell of a lot fewer, if any, angry, vindictive, envious people in.. such civilizations. Fact is that we're stuck with this asinine money based society, and the result is that people will continue to steal manipulate, control, and murder each other. AND, most people think it's working, and is perfectly ok. I say again, what a f'n joke.
Boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy "provides" for girl, then beats the crap out of girl once a week.  Which defines the guy, and which defines the relationship?  And there are some who think that the girl should be f'n thankful.  This is because society is based on the almighty but life destroying dollar. What a joke.
More to come later.

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