Monday, May 20, 2013

The Human Virus

Today a monster tornado leveled the town of Moore, Oklahoma, killing at least 50 people.  I’ve said this many times over the past few years, and I’ll say it again – humans are wreaking destruction on the planet with their incessant greed and ruthlessness.  It’s of course, mostly the ultra powerful who are guilty, with the general public contributing their filth – on smaller scale, but still contributing.  Well, the earth, also as I’ve said many times, is a living organism, and it is fighting back.  We humans behave in precisely the same way as a virus.  If we are left unchecked, we would surely destroy the planet.  Well, Earth is doing what it should do, and if it were up to me, Earth would destroy the human race – and sooner than later.  I frown with disgust when I see what the ultra powerful do, but that doesn’t leave out the general public –as I’ve seen regular people show gross disrespect for the planet, for animals, for other humans.
It remains to be seen – whether humans will destroy the planet, or the planet will destroy humans, I vote for the latter.

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