Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tim McGraw TV Special

I watched the Tim McGraw special tonight. First, it reeked of desperation. Guests included Bulldog, or Pitbull, something like that, some rapper, and some R & B singer. Also John Fogerty. I guess being that country music is not selling (except for Taylor Swift, who is selling like no tomorrow), they need to do something. So, they try to get the Rap listeners, the R & B listeners, Taylor Swift’s listeners, and the old rockers (Fogerty’s crowd) to buy into “New Country”. I got news for those crooked country record executives – it ain’t gonna work – hasn’t before, and ain’t gonna now. This show contained the usual ass kissing, phoniness, B.S. statements, fireworks, flashing lights, and funky, so called “Country Music”. Funny, I didn’t hear a country song the whole night – not a single one.

Monopolism, Buddyism, Conflict Of Interest, False Advertising – all of which are against the law, as they should be (I guess buddyism isn’t against the law, but it should be), but not enforced. Country music hasn’t been selling since the late 80s, and there’s a reason for that – it’s because the music and the artists that mainstream radio and the record companies (owned and operated by Billboard – breaking just about every law on the books) is horrid. One of the things I enjoy most in life is justice – and the fact that these corrupt music giants are losing their foothold in the music business makes me very happy.
There was a time when I got a good feeling from at least some of the music that was presented by the major record companies – it’s been a while – maybe 30 years or so. Well, just about everything I heard on that sorry TV show tonight made my skin crawl.
Why do I watch this stuff, you ask? Well, because when I’m asked what I think of “New Country” music, I like to have an educated answer. So, good riddance to mainstream radio, and the major country music record companies – for all intents and purposes, their dynasty is all but dead.

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