Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Bloody Rose - Nowhere To Be Found

I remember when I was in school, pretty sure it was high school, when we were on the subject of Vincent van Gogh, we saw a painting titled, "A Bloody Rose", and it was by Vincent van Gogh. Well, I've scoured the internet, and I even bought a book about van Gogh, called, "van Gogh, A Retrospective", with lots of information, and quite a few scans of his paintings. Nowhere on the internet, or in this book is there even a hint of any painting, by any artist, titled "A Bloody Rose". So, what the hell? I did see a few people on forums who said things on the order of "There was an article in 1977 regarding this painting, with a broken rose on the snow, with a person leaning over it, and another person in the background, walking away...", and a couple others saying something similar.
No "A Bloody Rose", very strange.
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