Sunday, December 23, 2012

I've been here in Nashville for about a week now.  Haven't been able to venure out, being that I don't have a money tree growing in my back yard - that's not a complaint, just a statement.  I will be able to get out some in a week or so, and that's fine with me.  I did make it downtown one night, and I heard what I expected to hear, and what I'd heard the couple other times I'd been here - horribly loud noise put out by a bunch of middle aged guys who should have given it up a long time ago.  Nothing against middle aged guys - if they were good, but well...     Somebody has cleaned up the 5th & Broadway area, and there are a few more bars down Broadway near 3rd and 4th.  Still not a lot of people here loooking to hear country music - as compared to when I was here the first time - back in 1981, when Broadway was packed like there was not tomorrow.  What is packed though, is the malls - I realize it is Christmas, but wow, malls are packed, while Broadway is pretty much a ghost town.  Maybe it's become common knowledge that there really isn't much, if any good music on Broadway.  It seems Opryland is doing ok.

I'm a bit anxious to start getting out to the songwriters' venues, for one, to see what the calibre of the talent is in those places, and, to get started with my own agenda of playing music for the folks, and, much as I hate to admit this - to get myself out there where people can hear me.  I believe that I need to spend time with my guitar, my songs, and myself - in order that I present me as a full fledged pro, I certainly don't want to show up not knowing my own songs.  If I were playing songs that I'd played many times over the years, no problem, but I need time to get my original songs into my subconscious - where I can play and sing them without thinking about it.  Being that I don't have the space to do that, and, that I don't get much, if any support in that area, I've been going to the laundry room around 10 at night, spending a couple hours each night going over my songs.  So far, nobody has felt the need to do their laundry at that time of night - at least not while I was in there.  So, I'll continue to do that until somebody tells me I can't.

Ok, being that there's really not a lot to write about this time, I'll stop here for now.

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