Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Open Road Once Again

That's right, I finally made it out of Portland, never to look back.  As American cities go, I've never seen a bigger bunch of angry people in one place in my goddam life.  That's not to say I'm the happiest guy in the world, either (thanks to all the devious, self serving, vindictive asses I've had the misfortune of crossing paths with), but the difference between me and most people is that I don't carry a huge chip on my shoulder, and I don't go around looking for people to screw with.  The past year and a half has not been the best time of my life - in fact, things have been less than fine since about 2006 or so.  Things are looking up some, but life is what it is - we are all in hell, some don't know it, and others don't want to hear it - I guess that says that the world is full of numbskulls and pretentious dimwits.  We'll all be blown deep into space someday, anyway, so I guess none of what we do here matters in the big scheme of things.  I do what I'm capable of, I choose to be decent because I want to be, not because I fear the wrath of some unseen entity, or a life in a burning hell.  From where I sit, nothing could be worse than this horrid place, and when it's my time to get the hell out, I'll welcome it.

As for my stalkers - the pond scum that followed my every move in Portland, and went to great efforts to take me down, I'm sure they are enraged that I was able to escape that dreary, angry, deadbeat mudhole.  That's not to mention all my ex relatives who would have loved to have seen me destroyed - and yeah, it almost happened.  I'm now on the open road in an RV, self contained, in a nice RV park, and actually starting to enjoy some things.  If I like it here, I'll stick around, if not, I'll hook up and go to the next place.  Adios you parasites, have a nice life.  Speaking of parasites, more to come on that soon.

I've heard that the live music scene here is doing fairly well, so maybe I can work, have some fun, buy more guitars (just kidding), and eat lots of raw fish and rice :D .

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