Thursday, July 19, 2012

Astronomical Observations

Getting away from music for a minute once again, to talk about earth, sun, and other related subjects.

I was in Portland, Oregon for the past year and a half.  I couldn't get outside much because of the endless rain, but I did manage to sit outside on the front porch a few times during the summer.  I noticed, just from last year to this year, that the sun is setting much farther north than last year, and, it continued to move northward even after the summer solstice - at which time the sun should have started to wander back south (still talking about where it sets on the horizon).  I looked on the internet to see if other people who made the same observation, and there were a few posts from some folks who noticed it over the past few years, but, strangely enough, no posts from this year.  This tells me that once again, some very powerful people are hiding something.  I'm sure they are doing it for their own benefit, and at our expense - which as some of us know, is nothing new.  Amazingly enough, there have also been some deniers posting on the sites where the observers of strange occurences post their observations - obviously being the conservative extremists who like to mock anyone who makes an observation involving changes in the earth, and whose beliefs and ideas do not coincide with theirs.  There are also, of course, the crazy conspiracy theorists - who mostly just give legitimate observers a bad name.  Among the posts, I also saw a few folks saying that the moon is rising and setting in a different place than normal.

I noticed another strange phenomenon recently.  As I was driving from Portland to here (not telling where), there were quite a few places where I would be driving downhill, but the car was straining - as if it were actually going up hill.  There was also the opposite - driving uphill, and feeling like I was actually going downhill.  I understand optical illusions, but these were not illusions - it was very obvious uphill and downhill.  I attribute this to some strangeness in gravity.  I don't have any explanations, just observations, and some questions.

The worst part about all of it is that the Ultra Powerful are hiding this and other facts.  For the record, I do not own a tin foil hat, and I don't believe in the Mayan Calendar/End Of The World stuff, I'm only stating my own observations.

So, round and round and round we go, where we stop, nobody knows - ain't that a fact.

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