Monday, December 26, 2011

Stepping Out Of My Normal Place

About three months ago, I decided to record some pieces (instrumentals) to try to pitch to film, TV, and ad people.  So, I went for my classical guitar and ukulele and started playing.  I can't say there is a definite style of the music I'm composing and recording, it's just simple chord patterns with whatever I feel like playing on the classical or the uke, or both.  For the rhythm sections, I use steel string acoustic guitars, my little Dean electric bass (which I try to get as much of non invasive, smooth sound as I can, and it's working), cajon, ipu, toere, Peruvian maracas, a cookie can, stones, and bongos.  So far, I've finished about 16 pieces.  A second to explain "pieces".  A "song" contains lyrics and music, instrumentals are instrumentals, and are also referred to as "compositions", or "musical pieces".  I'll call them pieces - because it's simple, to the point, and unhip - I detest "hip".

Of the kinds of musics I've played, what I'm doing now is away from it all.  I guess I kinda incorporate certain licks that I used before, but mostly I found me coming up with new ways of playing.  Of all the kinds of guitars I've played over the years, I spent the least time with a classical, and same goes for the ukulele.  Maybe that's part of the charm (for me) with this music that I'm doing now - the fact that this music sounds nothing like anything I ever did before.

Just in case anybody is reading this, and you want to hear this music, you can find it here:

Talk to you later, little diary.

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