Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Better Don't

Started to record a blues-ish piece today, which included some distortion on the guitar.  For some reason, when I guitar is distorted, it sounds louder than it actually is - the decibels might be 60 or 70, but it will sound more like 100.  I have this tiny Fender amp - 25 watts and a 10" speaker in it - perfect for recording, but, where there are neighbors, there are angry people.  So, I put the bluesy piece on hold for now - until I can get into a better situation, where there are not neighbors right there where they might hear me.  Funny, there can be leaf blowers, lawm mowers, and wood chippers that will be going for hours on end, and nobody will even give it a second thought, but if they even hear a guitar, or even worse, a set of drums (I only did drums inside once - because they are, after all, a little loud), you will have the cops or the management at your door within minutes.  Now that I think about it, I've had the cops and/or management called on me more times than I can begin to count - one time, if was for me playing an ukulele, another for having my 5 watt portable radio on, another for having my guitar amp as low as it would go, along with many other similar situations - and these were all in the middle of the day.  I remember when I lived in San Diego, there was a kid across the alley, I heard him a couple of times playing a guitar, it wasn't loud by any means, but I could hear it when I was walking to my car.  I only heard him a couple of times, which likely means that somebody shut him down.  These people are the same ones who will break out their lawn mower or leaf blower at 7 in the morning.  Ah well, I do what I can, live my life, and hope that such people choke on their own B.S. :D .

Actually, I've been at this recording thing (all acoustic, except for the last two pieces) just about every day for three months, maybe it's time for a little break.  Time for coffee.  For a while there, I was drinking a cup a day, but I seem to have lost my taste for the stuff, so, I'll go have my once a week cup of coffee.

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