Friday, December 19, 2014

A Warning To Sony

This cannot be North Korea doing this.  It could be some kid in a basement, maybe.  BUT, the most likely – at least in my little mind, is that somebody who is beyond sick and tired of Corporate World’s bullshit (as I, and many other people are), hired a high level hacker to expose Sony.  Sony has its fingers in two major entertainment industries – Hollywood, and the Music Business.  That’s not to mention their electronics businesses – complete with sell, sell, sell, and planned obsolescence.  I’ve been noticing the past few years, in Hollywood, we have the same no talent actors and actresses doing the same old, tired B.S.  There are the “Funny men”, and “Funny women”, who are SO damn not funny that I can’t even see straight, and we've been force fed their unfunny crap for decades. We have mediocre talents, and no talents showing up over and over and over.  It’s the same Good Ol’ Boy bullshit in the music biz – the same old, no talent dimwits doing the same thing over and over and over.  It’s not only the “Artists” and bands, but the writers, the studio “Producers”, and the “Sessions Musicians” – the same old, no talent fuckups monopolizing the whole cheaply packaged mountain of crap.  It’s common knowledge that Billboard Magazine is the “Bible” of the music business, where record labels and mainstream radio are to do whatever Billboard dictates.  Well, I think it’s beyond that, it has become obvious (but without absolute proof) that all of it is owned and run by the same people.  No need for payola or favors, they all just do what needs to be done in order to grab and maintain total and absolute control.  All the "artists" are Yes Men and Yes Women, saying and doing whatever is scripted for them.  They go through their bullshit circus acts, with their phony onstage antics, clothes, instruments, and holy HELL phony back stories.  Remember the old days, when many of the artists were “Anti Establishment”?  Funny how none of these new Stepford mannequins will utter one word against the “Machine”, and when they do, it’s quickly shut down.  In the so called “Country Music” scene, it’s a bunch of no talents with fake accents, well…  fake everything.  There is one young female artist who actually does have some talent, but she is also one gigantic business plan – has been right from the start – from her pre-teen life.  Back in Hollywood, it's nothing more than ill talented actors (who are also nothing more than groomed and contrived business plans) and other related plants, whose jobs are nothing more than to decorate this horrid circus act so that the masses of gullible, underdeveloped minds will buy it.  Great actors are reduced to doing B rate movies, or disappearing altogether, while dimwits rule the TV and Big Screen.  Yes, Hollywood promotes the hell out of these worthless blockheaded works of non art, so they can fatten their foreign bank accounts and keep their jobs, but that doesn’t change the fact that not only are the movies themselves shamefully bad, but we’ve seen way too many talented actors and actresses being pushed aside to make room for mediocre talented pretty faces.  Just think about that for a minute.

So, my guess is that somebody finally found a way to fight back, to send warnings – to expose the flaming bullshit that is the entertainment business.
Funny thing about North Korea and the Kim family – American TV has been mocking, ridiculing, and insulting them for decades, that’s not to mention what Conservative Talk Radio has been doing – also for decades, so why this particular movie that pushed them over the edge?  Don’t think so.  AND, anybody who says this hack is uncool, life threatening, dangerous, and whatever else, what the hell do you call what Hollywood and the Music Biz has done to not only the buying public, but what it has, and continues to do to talented actors, actresses, bands, and true artists – for decades???  This is people's talent, their hard work, and LIVES that have been squashed by these narcissistic psychopaths.  It has controlled the ones who have slipped through the cracks, and they have squashed many who have real talent, appeal, who have worked their asses off.  All in the name of the Good Ol’ Boy network and their pathological need for power, control, and money.

If I’m right about this, then my hat’s off to whoever was able to pull this off.  If it was some kid in a basement in Detroit, well, not sure what to say about that, and, if it actually was North Korea, Kim Jong Un, well, I guess what’s good for the kettle is good for the pot.

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