Saturday, April 7, 2012

An Awful Still, And An Old Folk Song

Holy hell, of all the stills to represent this video - yikes.
Anyway, I was having some fun today with some of these old folky songs from my day.  A couple of years into my playing time, I bought a classical guitar, and started to learn some folk songs by James Taylor, Dave Loggins, Bread, etc.  I did these with my fairly new Marcario Spanish guitar.  I love this guitar, love the sound, the feel, the looks.  As I said before, slowly replacing things that I had to let go of a while back, and some things that went away without my permission - I hate when that happens - the things going away, I mean.
Please don't hold that awful still against me.

Addendum:  I guess they changed the still.  Glad if you didn't have to see that.
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